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Your always-on AI assistant, wherever your teams live

Always-on Browser Extension

Ask-AI sits on top of your employee’s browser, readily available to assist in any search or AI task.

Inside Your Slack

Ask-AI works 24/7 inside your Slack, answering questions and proactively building out your knowledge base.

Across Your Help Center

Ask-AI automatically surfaces vetted answers within your Help Center – solving many customer issues without a touchpoint.

Accelerate productivity for every team member

AI-Powered Productivity

Rewrite, summarize, translate, automate entire workflows – all in one click, from anywhere. Leverage the power of AI to unlock employee productivity and quality gains like never before.

Enterprise Search

Easily search across your SaaS tools and libraries to find the best answer in seconds. Connect 100+ integrations – with more added every week.

Knowledge Management

Static intranets and wikis won’t cut it anymore – take an AI-first approach to knowledge management. Ask-AI proactively delivers the best answer to any question so your team can move quickly.

more Support tickets closed per agent
faster onboarding for new agents
fewer internal team tickets
created every week
Leading SaaS Business

Your one-stop enterprise search solution

Powerful AI Search,
Not Just Keyword Matching

Leverage state-of-the-art AI and ML models, vector search, and knowledge graphs to understand the entirety of your data, so only the most relevant information and documents are recommended.

Bring AI into Your Workflow – 
No Context-Switching Required

No more switching between tabs just to perform a search. Ask-AI runs as a browser extension, inside your Slack, and across your Help Center – making it easy to stay focused.

Unlock employee productivity with AI-powered workflows

Ask-AI’s suite of productivity apps power everything from summarize, translate, rephrase, explain, and more. Organize the most frequently used apps for different teams and use cases.

Instant Search

Summarize Call

Rephrase Text

Explain Text

Create action

+ More

Create custom apps for your team, or take advantage of new apps launching every month.

Easily identify where knowledge gaps exist

Identify Knowledge Gaps to Prioritize

Ask-AI analyzes questions, documents & conversation data to uncover key knowledge gaps & recurring issues.

Crowdsource Knowledge with Ask an Expert

Keep employees on task by making it easy to ask questions, find answers, and draw in experts – all without leaving their current workflow.

Unlock the Voice of Your Customer

Search, summarize, and segment customer feedback in seconds – so you can prioritize areas of improvement.

Responsible AI built into our core

Enterprise Deployment
and Compliance

You determine what data is integrated into Ask-AI and how it’s accessed by your teams. You’re in control.


Ask-AI is SOC 2 Type II-certified, ISO 27001-certified, and fully GDPR compliant.

No Third-Party
Training - Ever

No customer data is ever shared with third parties, or used to train LLM models.

Endless extendability with 100+ integrations

Ask-AI integrates your SaaS tools and libraries to create a unified Knowledge Base and instantly find the best answers in every search.

Connect up to 100+ integrations – with more added every week.

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Led by a superstar AI team

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Ask-AI’s team includes a former Chief Data Scientist at Salesforce and superstar Machine Learning and NLP professors and PhDs, 1 in 4 Ask-AI employees have advanced degrees in AI, ML, or NLP. Sure is a lot of brainpower.

Technology that feels like magic, but don’t take our word for it

“We surveyed the market and saw that many solutions were trying to bolt gen AI onto their legacy solutions, leading to limited capabilities and data accuracy issues. Other companies were presenting slideware; Ask-AI is delivering useful Gen AI solutions today that are deeply ingrained with our employee workflows, highly accurate, and constantly delivering valuable insights”
Gadi Vered
Senior Vice President Customer Support and Implementation at Own
“The ability to search across all our data sources is simply incredible. It saves our team so much time that we used to spend trying to find the relevant answer. And if the answer doesn’t exist, it allows us to identify the knowledge gaps. This enables us to spend our time working rather than searching.”
Gil Fiarberger
VP Delivery Yotpo
"I highly recommend Ask-AI and Alon Talmor’s great team. Exciting product, great service, always there for us!"
Yoni Voronov
VP of Customer Success
"My onboarding experience was incredible, thanks to ASK. Instead of endless searching across the support portal, Guru, Slack, etc., I can copy/paste client questions and pull the relevant resource."
Leah Firestone

Time to unravel your hidden company knowledge.

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