The Ask-AI A-Team

We love AI. We are obsessed with data. Our shared belief that technology can empower people to know more and succeed in ways they never thought possible serves as daily inspiration as we set out to unlock previously hidden answers and insights. We’re on a journey to transform the way companies think of customer communications, product development and company knowledge!

A. Talmor, NLP PhD
D. Levran, MBA
Prof. J. Berant
Chief Scientist
B. Bogin, NLP PhD
Head of Research
M. Hazoom, NLP MSc
E. Madar, MSc
O. Yoran, NLP MSc
B. Admoni
Tech lead
R. Medvedev
Data Analyst
Y. Lewkowicz, MA
Data Analyst
G. Patel, MSc
A. Halperin
E. Roth
Customer Success
O. Nevo
Data Analyst
M. Niv
Administrative manager

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