Know customers better and deliver knowledgeable answers

Give success managers the ability to understand customer needs and provide valuable real-time answers that improve trust, CSAT and loyalty.

Minimize internal tickets
and unnecessary internal questions

Empower success managers with the AI SideKick-
a tool that provides immediate and accurate generative AI answers to customer questions, eliminating the need for success managers to send many internal tickets for questions they aren't sure about, and it removes customer frustration due to delayed responses.

fewer internal tickets,
higher customer satisfaction

Achieve a Holistic
Customer View

MosAIc unites customer interactions from all communications channels, including tickets, calls, Slack, emails and more, to generate a 360° view of each customer, enabling customer success managers to provide more personalized support, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen relationships.

Uncover upsell and churn indicators

MosAIc analyzes support tickets and customer communications, alerting you about upsell opportunities, churn risk, and changes in sentiment, so you can take action and prioritize customer interactions.

Access the most up-to-date knowledge every time

AI SideKick automatically prioritizes the latest and most relevant knowledge based on each client's particular needs and product configurations and flags outdated and redundant information that should be removed or archived to avoid confusion.

Time to unravel your hidden company knowledge.

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