Give your support team superpowers with generative AI

Ask-AI’s platform aggregates text-heavy company knowledge and customer communications to measurably reduce time to resolution and internal and customer tickets and reveal actionable insights. 

Accelerate ticket response with accurate AI answers

Proactive Ticket Reading instantly produces generative AI answers, providing citations and links to trusted knowledge sources to eliminate the risk of AI hallucinations.

more tickets addressed every day

Resolve common support issues before customers submit tickets with an enhanced self-service search bar

Ask-AI's search bar resolves many common support issues by providing easy-to-understand ChatGPT-like answers sourced from public-facing documents and company-owned community forums.

fewer support tickets through a powerful AI-powered self-service search bar

Reduce internal tickets and questions with easy access to knowledge

Eliminate the need to disrupt other teams and congest internal Slack and Teams channels with unnecessary questions by giving customer-facing agents access to a single interface that provides accurate and concise answers.

reduction in internal tickets, supercharging productivity across all teams

Extract business indicators from customer communications

MosAic identifies, analyzes and visualizes which repeating issues are associated with sentiment changes, churn risk and upsell opportunities so you can enhance customer experiences and optimize business strategies.

Eliminate time-consuming support ticket tagging

MosAIc's data-driven tag-less AI technology instantly extracts the voice of the customer, freeing up support agents and providing accurate real-time product visibility.

Unlock actionable insights from any customer feedback source

MosAIc processes and transforms unstructured texts into single-sentence summaries and then aggregates recurring issues, questions, product requests, and more to produce a visual 360-degree view that helps systematically improve company knowledge, products and service as a whole.

Time to unravel your hidden company knowledge.

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